Erias Lukwago

Focal cities

2015 November

Adaptation: Risk & Vulnerability assessment
Adaptation: Target
Mitigation: Target



  • AuthorClaudia Schröder, Sarah Catto, Kate Strachan and Tara Caetano [ICLEI Africa]

    Energy modelling, data synthesis and insights from four African cities

    As Africa’s population rapidly increases and urbanises, its need for a reliable and sustainable energy supply has become greater than ever. Developing energy scenarios for African cities can provide a good basis for guiding cities’ policy-making, planning and investment decisions towards more resilient, affordable, secure and sustainable energy futures.

    Access to energy
  • AuthorAgence Française de Développement (AFD) and Econoler

    User guide | Gender-sensitive public lighting: How and why?

    This publication is intended to inform on the status and challenges of existing SLS and presents a set of methodologies and tools for planning and implementing gender-sensitive public lighting infrastructure projects.

    Access to energy

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