The commune of Tsévié is embracing energy sustainability

Published: 30 May 2019
Access to Energy
The commune of Tsévié is embracing energy sustainability

Limited and unreliable access to renewable energy is a major impediment to development efforts at local level in Africa. In order to address or adapt to this energy problem and develop lasting solutions to climate change, local governments must step up action.

Right now, Tsévié – a flourishing city in the Maritime Region of Togo –  is completing their sustainable energy and climate action plan to create projects that have the power to influence the local population, community leaders, civil society organisations, universities and public sector to secure the long-term future of our planet from the threats of climate change.

Households have abandoned traditional firesides for improved cooking stoves provided by the EU funded programme (photo: Jude Fuhnwi/Tsévié)

We know that there’s a wealth of local knowledge, expertise and ideas on the ground, but it’s important to make sure that these ideas reach their full potential. That’s why the European Union, through the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) continues to support cities like Tsévié with technical and financial assistance for a greater chance of delivering real and measurable energy and climate work on the ground.

And it works. Local authorities in Tsévié are now implementing practical, effective and eloquent projects in collaboration with different stakeholders and helping thousands of people gain access to renewable energy.

Solar streetlights have been installed in communities in Tsévié (photo: Jude Fuhnwi/Tsévié)

“Climate change does not have medication in the pharmacies. What we are doing is treatment for climate change. Hence, we are obliged to work together. It is important to wake up to this reality early enough for everyone to play their part,” said Prof. Agbati Koffigan, an energy expert teaching in the University of Lomé. He played a lead role in the development of Tsévié’s Sustainable Energy Access Climate Action Plan (SEACAP).

As part of the SEACAP, Tsévié is implementing the “Promoting Energy for Development programme” financed by the European Union and supported by CoM SSA to provide access to clean and affordable energy. The project is ensuring sustainable access by the population to essential services in the commune of Tsévié and its surroundings through energy efficiency.

Medical centres and households in Tsévié now have solar kits installed to ensure regular and clean energy supply (photo: Jude Fuhnwi/Tsévié)

“Today, we are lucky to have a SEACAP, thanks to this project. Through the project, families have benefitted from fuel efficient stoves and solar kits, and streetlights have been installed in communities,” said Stanley Kodjo Sodjavi, Monitoring Officer of the Promoting Energy for Development programme in the commune of Tsévié.

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