Join Covenant of Mayors and let’s tackle climate change together – Mayor, Yaounde 4

Published: 5 Jun 2019
Climate Finance
Join Covenant of Mayors and let’s tackle climate change together – Mayor, Yaounde 4

Sub-Saharan Africa is among the regions hardest hit by climate change in the world. This stark reality means millions of Africans suffer deadly and devastating floods, droughts and food insecurity. The fight to preserve the climate is therefore a crucial issue for the African continent and requires that everyone contributes in the fight against climate change.

That is why the Mayor of Yaounde 4 municipality in Cameroon, Regine Bibi Amougou Noma has called on African cities and municipalities to join the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) and work together for sustainable solutions to climate change.

Regine Bibi Amougou Noma, Mayor of Yaounde 4 Municipality (Photo: Jude Fuhnwi/Yaounde)

“I invite municipalities and cities that are still lagging behind both in Cameroon and sub-Saharan Africa to join CoM SSA because it is a platform for exchange and cooperation that offers cities the opportunity to contribute lasting solutions to adapt and mitigate climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide access to sustainable energy, ” said Mayor Regine Amougou.

CoM SSA is supporting cities and municipalities in Sub-Saharan Africa to embrace renewable energy to fight climate change, and provide clean energy solutions that enables their populations to gain access to reliable and affordable energy without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Office of the Mayor (Photo: Jude Fuhnwi/Yaounde)

CoM SSA provides technical assistance to its signatories to develop and implement adaptable Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAPs) that center on access to clean energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation.

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