Implementing climate action plans for urban transformation in Togo

Published: 16 Feb 2024
Climate Finance General
Implementing climate action plans for urban transformation in Togo

The municipalities of Kloto and Tchaoudjo are well aware of their responsibility to transform their climate action plan into a reality. In January 2024, the municipalities took an active part in meetings to monitor the implementation of their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP).

As part of the project to support the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA), financed by the European Union, Expertise France has mobilised its partners from Padie Services and the Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) to support the municipalities in implementing their action plans, which were validated in 2023.
These meetings provided an opportunity to review the actions implemented by the 7 municipalities concerned, which contribute to the objectives of their climate plans. In total, 45 projects, currently underway or in preparation, were identified by the 7 municipalities.
Not all of these projects are being implemented directly by the municipalities. Some of them are led by partners from the private sector, civil society or decentralised government departments, but they are all part of the SEACAP regional network, alongside the town councils.
As Mr Koffi Alowonou, Director of Technical Services for the Kloto 1 municipality, pointed out, "the climate-energy plan has helped to raise the awareness of local players, who have endorsed the plan along with the municipality ".
More and more local project leaders are seeking support from the municipality, which has strengthened its position as a key partner in identifying projects, seeking funding and implementing them.
Thanks to a mapping of the financing opportunities available to Togolese municipalities, the meetings also helped to identify opportunities to support actions within these climate plans and to structure inter-municipal project teams to respond to these opportunities.
Read here for more information on the launch of the Kloto and Tchaoudjo SEACAPs.


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