How can cities promote renewable energy projects? A training with Cameroonian CoM SSA cities

Published: 2 Mar 2023
Access to Energy Success Stories
How can cities promote renewable energy projects? A training with Cameroonian CoM SSA cities

As part of the cooperation between FEICOM (Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance) and CoM SSA, a training on municipal solar projects was organised in November 2022 in Douala with CoM SSA signatories across the country. Participants included Mayors and technical staff from the 14 City Councils in Cameroon along with FEICOM executives.

The objective of this workshop was to strengthen capacity of cities to develop solar rooftop systems on city-owned sites, in collaboration with the private sector. The themes in the training explored technical, legal, and economic context of solar energy, the opportunities and challenges, as well as perspectives of national agencies such as the Ministry of Water and Energy (MINEE) and ENEO, the national company for energy supply on urban solar projects. Inputs from private sector companies and legal experts helped build an understanding of frameworks of collaboration between local authorities and the private sector for the implementation of urban solar projects, and explored funding models.

Hands-on activities and exchanging between participants

During the training, and in the framework of a practical exercise, the participants applied the technical criteria previously discussed to develop a list for their own city of public buildings that could potentially be used for solar projects. Beyond learning how solar projects could work, the participants and speakers also exchanged experiences and challenges in developing these projects. Some participants shared successes, such as Maroua City Council, which has seen a considerable decrease in electricity bills since the installation of a solar PV on the roof of its town hall. Others, like Bertoua City Council, also shared challenges, such as a solar power plant malfunction that occurred after a year brought on by inactivity, which impacted the batteries. 

Thanks to the lessons learned and the group work, fruitful conclusions were reached on how to better develop and implement reliable solar projects and overcome hurdles.

Moving forward

Building on the training and collaboration between FEICOM and CoM SSA, a set of recommendations were made to further promote renewable energy in municipalities in Cameroon. Participants also expressed the wish to benefit exchanges between cities to learn about already implemented solar solutions, and to receive technical and financial support for solar projects. For national institutions, recommendations to clarify and resolve legal issues favourable to the implementation of solar power were made. For private sector, a suggestion to collaborate more intensively with technical staff of municipalities was made to scale such projects. 
These events promote the exchange of knowledge and good practices to accelerate climate and clean energy actions
at the local level in Cameroon. © CoM SSA/FEICOM

This event, jointly organised by FEICOM and CoM SSA, contributed to the capacity building of city mayors and staff in Cameroon on the development of urban solar projects and collaboration with private sector actors. Through such events, CoM SSA aims to equip city leaders with tools to accelerate their actions on climate change and clean energy, while facilitating partnerships with private sector to generate synergies in the fight against climate change in Africa.

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