Enter our Realities & Resilience photo competition

Published: 18 Mar 2024
Enter our Realities & Resilience photo competition

In every African city, there is a juxtaposition. On one hand we all witness and face the devastating effects of climate change, for example, drought that affects food production and impacts the livelihoods of millions. On the other hand, our African cities are trailblazing the road toward resilience as our adaptability is one of the key attributes that makes Africans unique. In recognising how much work still needs to be done, while acknowledging how resilient we are, we invite community members from all cities across the continent to submit two photographs via Google Forms before 30 April 2024.

One of these photographs should show the disastrous impacts of climate change - the realities. Maybe this is in the form of flooding, drought, deforestation, or a lack of fish stock - there are many ways that climate change is having a negative impact in our African communities. The second photograph should tell a story of resilience. Perhaps your community has started planting trees to prevent erosion, or there has been a recent investment or development in renewable energy. We want the second photograph to show the hard work being done in our African cities and to tell a story of hope. You are also welcome to take creative photos that are not extremely literal - as long as you can explain how your photo either shows a reality or resilience.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to submit photos.
  • The photographs must exclusively be of/in cities in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The photographs must be original and belong to the photographer entering the competition (photos must not have any copyright issues).
  • Please do not take portraits of people without their consent, and avoid photos of children or people unable to fully consent.
  • Do not use AI-generated images or art/drawings - only original photos will be accepted.
By submitting photographs for this competition:
  • Participants confirm that the photos are their own work and that they have the necessary permission to share them with ICLEI Africa;
  • Participants give ICLEI Africa the right to showcase these photographs on the CoM SSA Instagram page, as well as other communications material used by CoM SSA and ICLEI Africa.
  • The photos will be judged as pairs, therefore, photos must be submitted in pairs on Google Forms (one photo showing a reality, and one photo showing resilience). 
  • ICLEI Africa reserves the right to define the judging criteria for choosing the most compelling submissions, and the right to not select winners.
  • For any queries about this competition, please contact Carina Mason (carina.mason@iclei.org)  
Criteria for selection
  • Aesthetic value
  • Provocative or innovative imagery
  • Alignment with the theme
  • Only photos (JPEG or PNG) are being accepted (no videos/artwork etc).
  • Submissions must be credited, and accompanied by a caption/story that names the city you have photographed and describes what is seen (maximum of 50 words).
  • Submissions must be high-res/high quality photographs - poor quality/blurred images will not be selected.
  • Each person may enter three submissions (six photos in total - three showing climate-change realities, and three showing resilience).

  • The top shots will feature on our Instagram page.
  • Three finalists from each region (East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa) will be given the opportunity to bid for a paid contract to take photos according to a set brief.  One winner from each of the four regions (four winners in total) will be selected based on our established procurement criteria, and awarded the title of “Visual Storyteller” as well as a contract to take photographs of African cityscapes and climate-change related disasters/challenges facing our continent.


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