The District of Bamako on track to develop its Energy Access & Climate Action Plan

Published: 30 Jan 2020
Access to Energy Climate Finance
The District of Bamako on track to develop its Energy Access & Climate Action Plan

LOCATION: Bamako, Mali  13/12/2019


On 13 December 2019, the District of Bamako, together with Expertise France and the Regional Development Agency of Bamako, announced to its technical divisions, as well as key representatives from the national government, academia and civil society, its decision to develop a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP), within the framework of CoMSSA III.

After signing with CoMSSA in June 2019, the District of Bamako signed an MoU with the French Agency for International Technical Expertise (Expertise France) in October 2019, to collaborate on Bamako’s SEACAP development under the 3rd phase of the program.  

The Expertise France delegation spent a week meeting with the District’s internal divisions and potential partners to consult on priorities, current strategies and projects related to energy access and climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

The mission was closed with a launch event attended by more than 30 participants from the District of Bamako, as well as representatives from the government, academia and civil society, as well as the European Union Delegation in Mali. Global and local issues of climate change were presented, as well as the main steps of SEACAP development for the next 3 years. All participants agreed to play an active role in the project development while participating in the different committees and working groups, which will be finalized shortly.                                                                              

The District of Bamako, the Regional Development Agency of Bamako and Expertise France look forward to closely working on the next steps of the project, which will involve baseline studies and capacity building activities over the coming months, in order to inform and engage all stakeholders and raise awareness among the population. 

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