Praia signs a cooperation protocol for promoting energy and water efficiency

Published: 25 May 2022
Access to Energy Adaptation Climate Finance Mitigation
Praia signs a cooperation protocol for promoting energy and water efficiency

The signatory city of Praia opens paths of collaboration for the materialisation of specific activities and actions related to climate and energy. Through CoM SSA and with the support of its co-implementing partner, the Spanish Cooperation (AECID), the Municipality of Praia reinforces its commitment to climate action by signing an important cooperation protocol with the Portuguese Energy Agency.

In Lisbon on April 26, Praia City Council signed a cooperation and collaboration protocol with the Portuguese Energy Agency (ADENE in the Portuguese acronym) to promote energy and water efficiency, especially in the buildings sector. It also foresees training among local agents, raising awareness of civil society, valuing the endogenous resources and capabilities of the territories, exploring the leading by example role of local authorities, and in a close relationship with citizens.

The signed cooperation protocol will allow the parties to pursue actions, through mutual specialised technical support in the field of their competences, in the area of ​​energy efficiency and water efficiency as a culture that values ​​the territory and mobilizes local agents and citizens around the fight against climate change.  

An example of these actions is the pilot project financed by the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) for the Ponta D'água neighborhood. The project will install solar panels in a social housing building and a public school. In addition to being supplied with 100% photovoltaic energy, both buildings will provide electricity to a football field and a sports center in the vicinity. The pilot project is estimated to reduce 17.10 CO2 tons emissions per year.

With the support of this European Union’s programme, the parties intend to strengthen their relations through this protocol, and, specifically, develop exchange programmes and joint projects to enhance their experiences in the field of environment, climate, sustainable energy, and horizontal cooperation.

Francisco Carvalho, President of Praia City Council mentioned that “this protocol will be the beginning of something bigger, which will result from a concrete action plan, implemented by a team full of energy.” In the same direction, Nelson Lage, and Ana Andrade, President and Vice President of ADENE, highlighted “the added value of having the two entities aligned for implementing this protocol, ensuring that, after today's signature, its enforcement is a priority.” They also reinforced the importance of “implementing an action plan to materialize all planned activities and actions.”

The Municipality of Praia strengthens its commitment to climate action, integrating climate into city planning, and implementing climate and energy projects. Also, with the support of its partners, it is outlining the route for accessing finance to increase citizens' access to sustainable energy.

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