Kenyan CoM SSA Signatories Exchange on Solid Waste Management

Published: 21 Jun 2023
Adaptation Conversations with CoM SSA General Mitigation
Kenyan CoM SSA Signatories Exchange on Solid Waste Management

City-to-city exchanges are an important component of the work of the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) network, where local governments can share knowledge amongst one another on the processes, challenges and opportunities faced during the development and implementation of climate action.

CoM SSA, an initiative co-funded by the European Union, facilitated a knowledge exchange on solid waste management between Embu County and Nakuru County in Kenya. The exchange took place in March 2023 in Nakuru County, with a delegation of ten county officials and three members of Community-Based Organizations from Embu County visiting Nakuru County to meet with their county officials and private sector representatives.
Nakuru County has been a forerunner in the development of its Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) which allowed the allocation of waste management zones, the establishment of an engagement framework with the private sector, and the creation of a supporting policy to guide the SWM process. On the other hand, Embu County, through the support of CoM SSA developed an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWMP) in 2022. This plan will run for 10 years with short-, mid-and long-term actions that need to be taken by the county in the effort to manage municipal waste.
The purpose of the exchange was to share knowledge and best practices on solid waste management between the counties in order to accelerate the implementation of climate-resilient waste management practices.
The exchange focused on various aspects of waste management, including institutional frameworks, waste collection zone management, value chain development, policy environment, and engagement arrangements between the government and the people. Both counties identified high-priority areas for action, such as zoning, public-private partnerships, compliance, material recovery, waste reduction, and the roles of cities and municipalities.
It also included practical engagements, with the delegation visiting existing waste management infrastructure and circular economy actors, such as:
  • Griincom who showcased the transformation of organic compost into organic fertilizer
  • Nakuru Solid Waste Management Association (NASWAMA) who showcased their plastic shredding process
  • NAWASCOAL who showcased how faecal sludge is used to make briquettes.
Policy and guideline formation, the establishment of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and the roles of cities and municipalities are among the areas that will form part of the continued discussions between Nakuru and Embu Counties. Both counties intend to continue this partnership on a long-term basis, with regular contacts established for follow-up on the implementation of Embu’s solid waste management plan.
The exchange highlighted the importance of inter-county cooperation in developing institutional and human capacities to accelerate the fight against climate change and to improve livelihoods.

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