CoM SSA Technical Helpdesk launches tailored deep dive technical support services to selected signatories

Published: 3 Sep 2021
CoM SSA Technical Helpdesk launches tailored deep dive technical support services to selected signatories
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CoM SSA signatories are now able to access additional services to move forward in their climate action journey.  

The CoM SSA Technical Helpdesk heeded the call from our signatory local governments to provide more in-depth support and are pleased to announce that our first three cities have been selected to receive more tailored services. This support is made possible through funding from the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). 

Cocody in Côte d’Ivoire and Makindye Ssabagabo in Uganda will both be receiving technical support to enable them to conduct their baseline greenhouse gas emissions studies. Nansana in Uganda will receive a tailored workshop looking at Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) conceptualisation. Other qualifying signatories have been linked to CoM SSA implementing partners conducting similar work in their country and able to provide further support.  Several additional applications are being processed through coordination between the signatories, Member State Organisations and the Technical Helpdesk. 

Through a survey and a number of events earlier this year, signatories were able to express what support they require to either commence or progress on their SEACAP journey. By consolidating the support requests from signatories and reviewing the capacity of the Technical Helpdesk staff, we explored deepening and expanding the technical services on offer. The deep dive support offerings have been designed to meet the expressed needs of our CoM SSA signatories under the three pillars of CoM SSA;  

  • SEACAP development;  

  • unlocking finance for climate and energy infrastructure and  

  • establishing city-to-city partnerships.  

While the Technical Helpdesk cannot provide direct financial support to signatories, through the new deep dive support, we can offer services like tailored training workshops, tools and templates for SEACAP development, data quality assessments, and support on project concept development. To be eligible to apply for Tier 2 deep dive support, signatories should meet the following requirements:  

  • have already initiated their SEACAP development; 

  • are not already receiving technical assistance from the CoM SSA implementing partners (GIZ, AECID, Expertise France and AFD); and 

  • require further assistance in the conceptualisation, planning & implementation process in the SEACAP journey.  

The three information sessions held the beginning of the year were used as an opportunity to expand on the first call for Expression of Interest for the newly launched deep dive support and to provide more information about our services standard support available to all signatories (Tier one services) as well as the new deep-dive support (Tier two services) which they could apply for through the Technical Helpdesk and on eligibility of signatories to receive this support. The recordings for these information sessions can be found here in ENGLISHFRENCH and PORTUGUESE and are located on our YouTube channel.  

The Technical Helpdesk will start working with the first three cities on their Tier 2 services as of September. The Technical Helpdesk will be launching a second call for Expressions of Interest before the end of the year. This call will be announced via our quarterly newsletter and twitter; therefore, signatories are encouraged to keep a look out for this announcement. 

Furthermore, if you are not a signatory and wish to join, the CoM SSA initiative is open to all Sub-Saharan Africa cities and municipalities and the membership is free. Local governments that want to join CoM SSA should the follow these steps:  

  1. Contact the Technical Helpdesk to receive the necessary documentation 

  2. Present the CoM SSA initiative and its Political Commitment Document (PCD) for consideration to its decision-making body, e.g. the Municipal Council, to ensure formal support;  

  3. Once an official council decision has been made, it should be sent by post or via email (helpdesk@comssa.org) to the CoM SSA Help Desk together with the completed registration form, signed Political Commitment Document and signed Data Policy Questionnaire.  

Thereafter, your city or municipality will receive a confirmation email from the CoM SSA Office confirming your participation.  Through the commitment to CoM SSA cities/municipalities are invited to translate their political commitment into practical measures by elaborating and implementing a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) in their territory based on the initiative’s 3 pillars: Access to Energy, Mitigation and Adaptation.  

Download resource here: Download View

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