CoM SSA signatory cities visit schools to tackle sustainability and climate change together

Published: 11 Jul 2023
CoM SSA signatory cities visit schools to tackle sustainability and climate change together

The Municipality of Praia implements valuable information and awareness-raising activities on climate and sustainable energy in the city's secondary schools, presenting its environmental projects with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the European Union initiative, the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA).

Like it or not, the climate issue has become a very current problem, and children need to understand what is happening to the world they live in and, in particular, in their community, as severe weather events are likely to become more common as today's children grow older.
The lectures implemented in the Municipality's high schools have been targeting high school students aged 14 to 18, at this stage. The main objective is to raise awareness among secondary students, future university students, and future professionals in the country, as well as the teaching class, about the Municipality of Praia (CMP)’s projects which contribute to the fight against climate change - which will prove tragic if humanity does not stop emitting greenhouse gases in current proportions.
During these sessions, the current stages of preparation of studies for the CMP to design its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan  (SEACAP), as well as the preparation of a dossier of climate and urban projects in the city of Praia, were shared. The city's pilot project was presented, the Ponta D'Água Social housing complex, which will include the installation of a 16 KWp photovoltaic energy system for energy production at the Secondary School, Grouping XII, and for the lighting of the sports center, the grass field for soccer practice and the public lighting of one of the streets in that area, for which the works have already started and are expected to be completed during 2023.


An awareness-raising experience to promote inclusion

Lectures were held in four secondary schools in the Municipality of Praia, namely, the Secondary Schools Canon Jacinto in Várzea, Constantino Semedo in São Felipe da Praia, Achada Grande Frente Secondary School and Abílio Duarte Secondary School in Palmarejo, with strong support from the student and academic community.
The climate issue is complex and needs the support of national governments, the private sector, academia, the scientific community, local governments - as relevant actors in the response, and of course the support of citizens, including today's children who are the future of tomorrow's cities. With this experience in schools, the need to continue bringing the municipality's work closer to the citizens has become evident. 
"The inclusion of citizens in the work of the municipality is essential for the success of the work that is being done by public institutions," said Luis Moniz, head of the City Council's Environment Department.
All of society contributes to climate change. Although in an unequal way, everyone feels and suffers its effects. Therefore, all of society is called upon to respond. Municipalities, in their vocation to work in the service of citizens, must strive to convey the work and efforts that are dedicated to creating more resilient communities and improving the quality of life of those who live in cities. "The Municipal Chamber is committed to creating solutions to this challenge, and we will continue to raise awareness for sustainability and to act in response to the climate emergency of the Municipality," said the City Council representative.


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