Register now for CoM SSA Day at Climate Chance Summit 2021

Published: 3 Sep 2021
Register now for CoM SSA Day at Climate Chance Summit 2021
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The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa would like to invite you to join this year’s CoM SSA Day at Climate Chance on 15 September. The virtual event will be streamed in English, French and Portuguese. The event will include a high-level institutional opening followed by two deep technical sessions that will focus on, first, the climate action journeys of some of our signatories and, second, on adaptation and nature-based solutions.  


The Climate Chance summit, now fully virtual due to the global health situation, will bring together many actors engaged in the fight against climate change, including state and non-state actors, local governments, the business sector, research institutions, and non-government organisations (NGOs). The most pressing issues and innovative solutions for climate change and improving sustainable energy at the local level in the Sub-Saharan Africa region will be highlighted during the day.

As part of the CoM SSA day event, which will take place on the first day of the Climate Chance Summit, CoM SSA partners will host three sessions, see the detailed programme below.  The institutional opening will touch on financing climate and multi-level governance, with diverse high-level speakers from cities, institutions, governments and donor organisations.  


To register for the Opening ceremony, click here
To register for the Technical session | Demystifying SEACAPs: hear from experts and African cities on their experiences, click here
To register for the Technical session | Adaptation through nature-based solutions, click here


This will be followed by a technical session on demystifying Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAPs) for cities. During this session speakers will explore what makes a good SEACAP and provide an opportunity for cities to share on their approaches to developing their SEACAPs. A second technical session on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) will demonstrate the benefits of incorporating NbS into cities and how adopting green infrastructure can also increase biodiversity and have further positive impacts on climate change adaptation. The technical sessions are designed to promote knowledge sharing and exchanges between CoM SSA signatories in order for local governments to learn from other pioneering sub-Saharan local governments, and reflect on the needs and the way forward to overcome climate challenges at the local level.

CoM SSA’s 250+ mayors and partners will share their knowledge and success stories, focusing on overcoming the challenges that local governments face together with business sectors, financers, NGOs and research institutions. 

Participants will be able to engage in open discussion, learn tangible lessons, share experiences, technical expertise and solution-oriented recommendations. By identifying high-impact implementable actions, participants – especially CoM SSA signatories - will gain valuable insights that serve to strengthen their understanding of the various topics covered throughout the sessions. With reliable data and information to guide decision-making, leaders are able to more effectively make connections between long-term climate action visions and implementable short-term actions. 

We look forward to seeing you there.  

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check our website over the next few weeks for more details about the event. 


Download resource here: Download View

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