Bobo Dioulasso launches climate action plan to ensure a resilient future for the city

Published: 17 Jan 2023
Access to Energy Adaptation Mitigation Success Stories
Bobo Dioulasso launches climate action plan to ensure a resilient future for the city

The city of Bobo Dioulasso reached a milestone by launching its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP), a crucial document that will help the city navigate the climate hazards that it faces, prepare mitigation actions and provide its population with access to sustainable, reliable and affordable energy sources.

After having already celebrated the completion of the SEACAP amongst all those who participated in the process and adopting it formally during a special municipal council meeting, the city also launched the document on the national level to garner the support of national programmes and international donors in Ouagadougou – the administrative centre of Burkina Faso. 

The SEACAP stems from the necessity to devise an effective response to climate change and reduce the city’s projected emissions. Current estimations predict that carbon emissions will triple by 2030 if no action is taken; this comes in the context of fast urban and population growth, which could lead to a degradation of air quality, the environment and waste management. In addition, Bobo Dioulasso is threatened by climate hazards like erosion, droughts, water scarcity, extreme heat and fires, and heavy precipitation, which will become more frequent and intense.

Despite this evidence, the leaders of Bobo Dioulasso have practical plans to transform the city, not only to safeguard it against the impacts of climate change but also to reduce future greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions whilst providing sustainable energy to all citizens. 
“The decision to prepare a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan for the city of Bobo-Dioulasso is aimed at consolidating its recognised status as a green city in Burkina Faso and our position as a model city in terms of environmental, climate and energy governance at national level.”
Adama Bidiga, President of the Special Delegation of the City of Bobo Dioulasso.
The importance of achieving this ambitious vision was recognized by the President of the Special Delegation of Bobo Dioulasso, who officially launched this landmark document, amplifying the city’s already strong reputation as a national and continent-wide leader in climate action. 
Adama Bidiga, President of the Special Delegation of the City of Bobo Dioulasso, mentioned that the city has mobilised
local actors and the entire city administration to make the SEACAP as participatory and inclusive as possible. © CoM SSA
In line with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), the SEACAP aims to reduce the city’s projected emissions by 10 % in 2030 through taking ambitious steps in the sectors of energy, waste and transport. In addition, the city wants to ensure its climate resilience with sustainable ecosystems and livelihoods by the same year.

The actions outlined in the document address all these challenges, including projects like expanding and enhancing its public transport network and infrastructures, implementing a better waste management system, running awareness campaigns on climate change, restructuring its recycling centres, reforming the public lighting network and installing solar panels in public buildings. The city also plans to promote sustainable farming practices and clean cooking solutions, increase and restore urban green spaces, and improve the rainwater drainage systems.
The event was attended by local authorities from Bobo Dioulasso, representatives of the GIZ support team to
CoM SSA, representatives of the national government, private sector, civil society and international donors. © CoM SSA
CoM SSA has provided technical support and guidance to the city on how to plan effective actions to respond to climate change and to access sustainable energy under three pillars of action: (1) climate planning, including the development of SEACAPs, (2) technical assistance to support local governments in implementing climate and energy infrastructure projects, and (3) knowledge exchange, for instance through city-to-city partnerships.
By launching its SEACAP, Bobo Dioulasso is joining more than 320 local governments in sub-Saharan Africa currently acting to tackle climate change and improve access to energy needs. CoM SSA will continue to prioritize these actions by showcasing and supporting the work of African municipalities to achieve a green transition. To find out more, refer to the CoM SSA resources in climate and energy here.

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