Focal cities

2017 November


Pikine has completed its three key baseline reports to get a snapshot of how their city will look should it follow its current development track. Informed by these studies the city, with CoM SSA, is now moving forward with its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan.

1. Where is this city in their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) journey? 

Pikine’s Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan has been drafted and is currently awaiting approval from the municipal council.

2. What kind of work has been done in this city e.g. pilot projects, trainings, data collection? 

In addition to the baseline studies, Pikine has implemented projects to build a greener city. These projects include: Installing solar panels in a secondary school and in a mosque.  Further projects are currently being identified, and a feasibility study has been launched for a project to transform typha into vegetal charbon. In addition, solar panels will be installed in the town hall building, as part of a pilot project.


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