Mombasa County



Abdulswamad Nassir


2022 May




  • AuthorAbel Omanga, Technical Advisor, CoM SSA

    Mombasa Flood Risk Assessment Technical Report

    The growing risk and vulnerability of Mombasa's coastal flooding, with over 30% of the county facing high flood risk, as revealed in flood risk and vulnerability assessment developed by the Mombasa City-Lab in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA); underscores the urgent need for detailed strategising and resource mobilisation for disaster management. The Mombasa City Lab Project aims to develop innovative, multi-sectoral solutions through comprehensive assessments and technical validation processes. This report highlights the varying levels of flood risk, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities and assets by blending GIS and participatory methods. Moreover, the report will inform solution development and the areas to prioritise the various actions that address the county's mandate in mitigating the occurrence and impacts of floods.

    Climate finance Mitigation
  • AuthorGIZ

    Urban Smart Energy (USE) presentation for cities

    This presentation introduces USE, an innovative standardised support product designed to facilitate the adoption of decentralised energy systems and energy efficiency improvements across city-owned sites. By leveraging USE, cities can unlock access to clean, resilient energy sources, achieve significant savings on energy costs, and stimulate local employment and income growth. Discover how USE is setting a new standard for urban energy solutions.

    Access to energy Climate finance

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