Tsévié: a committed hummingbird tackling climate change with CoM SSA

Published: 9 Jun 2020
General Success Stories

The city of Tsévié in Togo is one of the pilot cities that has joined the Covenant of Mayor for Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) initiative since its first year of implementation back in 2017.

This video is a summary of the efforts that the municipality has made since then and the most remarkable results achieved.

At the end of the video, there is a beautiful fable about the determination and courage of a hummingbird facing an extraordinary event. It comes with a wonderful lesson that illustrates how small we might seem when we talk about how to confront and adapt to climate change, but how essential each of us are to achieve these goals.


The three components of the program are: (1) access to renewable energy. The municipality has installed street lights in various neighborhoods throughout Tsévié and granted subsidies for households to acquire solar kits. (2) The second component is the promotion of improved stoves. Although the stove proposed by the project are still charcoal and wood improved stoves, this is seen as an intermediate solution that will help the transition towards cleaner energy for households in the medium term. Tsévié understands that it is necessary to switch to other sources of energy. (3) The last component of the project is focused on improving urban mobility through the purchase of two buses that will link Tsévié with Lomé, the capital. It will become a more affordable and sustainable mode of transport for the population of the municipality.

We all are hummingbirds when it comes to dealing with this global crisis. Here at CoM SSA we are committed to taking action and doing our part! And you?

For more information contact helpdesk@comssa.org


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