Finding solutions to Yaounde’s waste impasse

Published: 20 Jul 2019
Finding solutions to Yaounde’s waste impasse

Waste management and disposal is a major obstacle to African cities. An underdeveloped waste disposal system in Africa is one of the main causes of ill health, social and economic problems. However, there has been limited prioritization and investment in solid waste management by African governments. But African cities and municipalities are taking the issue seriously and partnering with local and international development partners to properly manage the huge problems with waste and waste disposal in Africa. 

In the city of Yaounde IV in Cameroon, solid waste is managed by municipal authorities in collaboration with the local population and civil society organisations. The municipal government acknowledges that the amount of solid waste generated in the municipality – one of the largest in the country – overwhelms its capacity to collect and dispose waste. 

“Yaounde IV municipality being an industrial zone, and given its huge population, our major challenges in the field of environmental protection boil down to the sustainable management of plastic and organic wastes, as well as reduce the emission of greenhouse gas,” explained the Mayor, Ms Regine Bibi Amougou Noma. 

In response to these problems and more, the European Union has funded “the project to support the improvement of citizen participation and planning of integrated management of the environment and sustainable energy sources in the Commune of Yaounde IV.” This project known by its French acronym PACAEDEC is supported by the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA). The project works to recycle waste into renewable energy sources such as biogas and to transform plastic waste into tiles for construction. 

“PACAEDEC is an answer in that it will enable our municipality to have a climate and energy action plan for our people to adopt the best social behaviour with respect to climate change,”said Mayor Regine Bibi. 

The project PACAEDEC is expected to bring solutions to the serious waste issues in the city that have prevented water circulation, caused floods, health problemsand affected agriculture output.  

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