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2015 April

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Earlier this year, the Dakar Municipal Council completed the Elaboration and Validation processes of its SEACAP (Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan).


1. Where is this city in their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) journey? 

The City of Dakar's SEACAP has been validated by the Municipal Council. Validation from the  European Commission's Joint Research Council is still due. This plan does not include the "access to energy" component, it will be added at a later stage.  


2. What kind of work has been done in this city e.g. pilot projects, trainings, data collection? 

Three studies (greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, risk and vulnerability and audit energetic) have been completed. Dakar has undertaken a pilot project, where they will construct a bioclimatique building.  Officials have undergone several technical trainings. 




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