Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) promotes equitable, low carbon, clean energy development in urban South Africa and Africa. Through our work we promote energy efficiency, the transition to more sustainable energies such as solar and wind power and access to safe and affordable energy services for all. We do this through research, capacity building, policy engagement and information dissemination.

While SEA works with all three spheres of government, our focus is at the local government level as this is the seat of delivery to the communities they serve, where capacity shortages are greatest and where the bulk of energy is consumed and emissions are generated (excluding large industry). Sustainable energy transitions require that municipalities take a more proactive role in energy management if their countries are to meet the challenges of sustainable development.


SEA has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable, efficient and cost-effective energy whilst at the same time addressing poverty, climate change and environmental issues.  The work of SEA has been pioneering, whilst assisting cities in strategy development, advising on policy, providing technical support and building capacity, this has been done in a sustainable manner. Our approach is one of ‘learn by doing’ together with local government and to this end enabling and strengthening capacity from within local government institutions that would maximizes their sustainability into the future.`


Our work on the COM SSA in collaboration with ADEME is to build local government capacity and provide support to the selected pilot cities. This involves setting up inception visits, energy related data collection and analysis, energy futures modelling, supporting small scale energy efficiency and renewable energy demonstration projects, coordinating and facilitating training workshops and assisting with SEACAP development.

We are working directly with the 11 selected pilot cities and welcome other cities to attend our courses and workshops.