Four mayors in Mali have come together to intensify efforts for the sustainable development of their cities with the CoM SSA

Posted on : 10 February 2021

Common challenges have brought four municipalities in the Segou region together to join the CoM SSA initiative. The four mayors, the first in Mali to decide to meet the challenges of climate change and access to sustainable energy together, joined their voices to talk about their objectives and the reasons why they decided to join the initiative.


The intercommunal of Balanzan gathers four contiguous cities of the Ségou Region, in south-west Mali, around 200 km from Bamako. It covers an area of 729 km² and more than 300,000 inhabitants. An almost flat relief characterizes this area with a ridgeline parallel to the bank of the Niger River. It benefits from a dry Sudano-Sahelian tropical climate with a dry season and a rainy season.

The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) is a European Union action that supports cities in meeting the dual challenge of climate change and access to sustainable energy to achieve a low-emission, climate resilient and sustainable energy. Joining the initiative means making a political commitment. Each city adheres to building a long-term vision, detailed into ambitious, measurable, and planned action objectives. To support these four cities to take action and meet their challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation, they will jointly develop a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP).

As part of the launch of this partnership, in October 2020, the Covenant of Mayors implementing partner Expertise France met the four mayors of the intercommunal of Balanzan. They shared the climate issues they face and how they are preparing to address them through CoM SSA.

Could you explain what motivated the creation of an intercommunal between your four municipalities?


Besides the sanitation issue, what energy and climate challenges are the intercommunal facing?

What do you expect from the CoM SSA initiative and the Expertise France – ADR Ségou partnership in the face of these challenges?

Covenant in Sub-Saharan Africa, an integrated climate alliance

In order to develop urban services that promote a sustainable future in the Segou region, the four CoM SSA signatory cities will also receive the initiative’s support to identify potential sources of finance for their climate and energy projects. Furthermore, the intercommunal of Balanzan will have the opportunity to connect to a regional and global network of cities, and create joint approaches for more efficient and integrated action in the fight against climate change in Africa.

Signature of the MoU between Expertise France and the Intercommunality of Balanzan (represented by the Mayor of Ségou and the Director General of ADR) for launching the SEACAP in the presence of the mayors of Sébougou, Sakoiba et Pelengana.