We are still looking for professional photographers and/or videographers in two of our cities

Published: 12 Jul 2021
We are still looking for professional photographers and/or videographers in two of our cities

Terms of Reference for a professional photographer/videographer to take high-quality photo and video footage for four CoM SSA signatory local governments. Bids due: 25 August 2021. 


CoM SSA signatories develop, implement and monitor a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP), which covers three pillars: climate change mitigation; climate change adaptation; and access to energy. The SEACAP is both a strategic and an operational document that sets the strategies, plans and actions for low emission and resilient development, and ensuring access to secure, affordable and sustainable energy.

CoM SSA partner GIZ, with ICLEI Africa, is supporting four African cities to develop their SEACAPs: (1) Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso; (2) Garoua, Cameroon; (3) Nakuru County, Kenya; and (4) Abuja, Nigeria.

Completing and validating a SEACAP through the Joint Research Center (JRC) is an immense achievement for a city. To showcase the achievement of completing and validating a SEACAP, we will be creating various communications products, including reports, articles and videos to be shared with relevant stakeholders and the general public. In order to make these products engaging and impactful, we require unlicensed, on-the-ground video footage and high-resolution photographs of these cities that we can use for any and all of the products we plan to create. 

The photographs will mostly be used in the final SEACAPs and as part of online articles and promotion. The video footage will be used as overlays during interviews and videos expanding on the SEACAP development process to provide a general overview of how the city looks.

ICLEI Africa will commission a photographer/videographer based in or near these cities to take the needed footage in the city. It is essential that this footage is original and without any licensing, as we will be using it in various project communications outputs indefinitely. 


The service provider will be required to supply a total 5 x 1-minute unique video clips for each theme listed below, as well as 10 high resolution, unique images for each theme listed below: 

-        Local market activity

-        Transport and energy (cars, motorbikes, public transport, cycling, pedestrians etc.)

-        Residential and urban energy use and renewable energy is possible (cooking, heating, streetlights, lightbulbs, renewable energy etc.)

-        City-specific landmarks, monuments and urban nature (parks, green open spaces, wetlands, rivers etc.)

This comes to a total of 20 x 1-minute video clips and 40 x images.

The service provider should visit more than one location in order to supply the required amount of footage for each theme. 4



Download the full terms of reference for Garoua here

Download the full terms of reference for Bobo Dioulasso here



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