Conversations with CoM SSA webinar | African cities take control of waste management

Published: 20 Jul 2021
Conversations with CoM SSA Events
Conversations with CoM SSA webinar | African cities take control of waste management

Join CoM SSA for a city knowledge exchange on waste management on 29 July at 14h00 CAT.  Participants will be able to learn, discuss and share experiences of waste management challenges and innovations in Africa. The session will be available in French and English.


Waste management, in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, is an essential part of the service delivery mandates of local governments. However, in many of these rapidly growing cities, infrastructure and capacity for conventional collection and treatment of waste has not been able to keep up with the increasing volumes of waste generated. Waste management therefore presents considerable challenges and is critically important for reducing pollution and ensuring communities live in safe and healthy environments. In addition, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the waste sector contribute 6.8% of Africa’s total emissions, and up to a third of the emissions of individual countries and cities.

On the other hand, the challenges of waste management provide a fertile space for innovation and partnerships. In many cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, local governments, communities and the private sector are reframing waste as a resource and using opportunities in the waste sector to test innovations and build partnerships.

Through this city knowledge exchange, CoM SSA will create a space for local governments and waste sector stakeholders across the region to explore ideas and share knowledge about overcoming challenges and taking advantage of opportunities in the waste sector. The session will include: showcasing of waste sector innovations, sharing of experience and best practices as well as lessons learned.  This exchange provides an opportunity to engage in discussion to dive deeper into how African cities are taking control of waste management.

The exchange aims to:

●       Provide participants with new ideas or perspectives on waste management solutions that are relevant to their contexts.

●       Create an opportunity for participants to strengthen their networks and connect with each other, building relationships that can continue after the knowledge exchange.


Register to join the city knowledge exchange on 29 July here.



1. Mr GNALI Akoh, Head of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Department, Oti 1 in Togo

2. Mr Ibrahima NIANG, National Coordinator at the Association Mauritanienne des Communes du Sud (AMCS), Mauritania

3. Mr Mitiku Woldesenbet,  Senior Architect and Urban Designer-Public Space at UN-Habitat

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